10 Best Propane Smoker to Buy in 2021 – Review & Guide

by Amber Elliott | Last Updated: October 22, 2020

Best Propane Smoker 2021

Propane smoking machines are one of the phenomenal inventions as they have made life easier and parties enjoyable. After searching far and wide, these machines are extracted for you.

If you are in search for the best smoky flavor in food, propane smokers are the best examples to be use. The best thing is that you just need to push and run a button to start it. Including these best propane smokers, best electric smokers 2021, best charcoal smokers 2021, and best BBQ smokers 2021 are other best smokers to use for cooking. These smokers are light in weight, portable, and enhance their transfer-level from one place to another. Hence, do not worry if you need a smoker to be transferred from your home to a picnic place.

All of the machines mentioned here are of the highest quality and provides the finest smoking. These propane smokers are cheap, and even a low budget buyer can affordable; these are not dangerous for health and protect the lungs from damage. They offer good taste and ample space for you to carry out tones of barbecue. They are also compact in size and do not occupy a lot of space.

Make sure you read the article till the end to get in-depth information that will act as a guiding map for you.

No Name Rating Check Price
1 Masterbuilt MPS 340/G – 2021’s Propane Smoker 4.2/5 Check Price On Amazon
2 Smoke Hollow PS40B – Gas Smoker 4.3/5 Check Price On Amazon
3 Masterbuilt MB20050716 – Best Gas Smoker 3.9/5 Check Price On Amazon
4 Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24.” – Large Propane Smoker 4.6/5 Check Price On Amazon
5 Broil King 923614 – Vertical Propane Smoker 4.3/5 Check Price On Amazon
6 Pit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker 4.4/5 Check Price On Amazon
7 Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker 4.4/5 Check Price On Amazon
8 Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker 4.4/5 Check Price On Amazon
9 Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker 4.1/5 Check Price On Amazon
10 Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker 4.2/5 Check Price On Amazon

Here we have discussed all 10 best propane smokers in detail. The information provided is legit without any doubt or error; to keep the article crystal clear, cons are also mentioned that will help you access the downside of the product as well.

1. Masterbuilt MPS 340/G – 2021’s Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt MPS 340/G – 2021’s Propane Smoker

If you are in search of a propane smoker with ample of features then you are at the right place, Masterbuilt offers you a lot of features with quality and uniqueness. You can get these easily from the market and online stores. These smoking machines are not just for smoking purposes, but the manufacturers have introduced innovation by providing a cold box where you can store fruit or any food item. So it is a multifunctional two in one kind of machine.

It has an exciting thermostatic temperature control system that enables you to regulate the temperature according to your wish or demand of the meal or any food item placed. It also helps keeping the flow of gas to the burner smooth and quick that helps provide accurate top-notch smoking temperate to smoking meat. It has a greater capacity to cook, and comes with four racks coated with chrome. These racks help keep food fresh and prevent burning even at higher temperatures.

It has a wide cooking capacity of 739 square feet to work on any food item. If you are a buyer with a tight budget then a more reasonable model 330G is also available, but that is smaller in size and good at working as well. But if you are planning to smoke a full packer then we recommend you buy XL mode, it will provide you greater space and is a onetime investment, so why should one not go for it.


  • Thermostatic control
  • It has a fuel gauge
  • LP gas tank
  • Two doors provided
  • Glassdoor
  • Equal and conations heating
  • Wide heating range


  • Warranty is limited

Overall, the review must have revealed that this propane smoker is a must buy especially if you are a professional and want a great capacity with good quality. It offers a wide range of cooking i.e., between 180 to 350 F or even higher. In case you plan to cook a whole chicken with skin, this machine will give you perfect results as it can provide crispy-skinned chicken due to its continuous and controlled heating ability.

2. Smoke Hollow PS40B – Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow PS40B – Gas Smoker

If you are worried about price or have a tight budget then Masterbuilt has introduced it’s another small but wonderful model PS40B with which you can do all the work that you were unable to do with others. It comes with a decent number of features with high quality and the perfect size. It comes with four racks, but here these are not of chrome but of steel that is not a bad deal at all. The area racks cover 784 square inches while you cook inside the propane smoker.

It also comes with a double door system that makes working much easier as compared to the single door, loading of products, and de-loading is effortless. But the doors here are of steel and opaque, glass doors are better as they look attractive and helps to monitor what is cooking and at which condition the meal is. It has advanced quality temperature control, now you do not have to worry about burnt food.

As the temperature sensor senses the desired temperature. Whereas the temperature controller automatically helps the flame to switch off. This feature has helped the users a lot, as they do not have to worry and can work on other chores while the food is an undercooking process. It has a gas outlet at the back that releases the steam or smoke while cooking, every time you place a food item this system automatically activates and starts working. It has a bi burner of 15000 BTU that is perfect to cook food at high flame; this provides maximum heat that can even cook the whole turkey quickly.


  • Compact design
  • Double door
  • Temperature dial
  • Steel coated racks
  • Legs provided


  • The glass door is not provided

Concluding, this smoke machine is one compact, mall but a multi-functional device. You can work at a professional level with it as it has all upgraded modern features and functions. Well, the list does not stop here it also comes with an automatic electronic ignition button, thus preventing your fatigue. The dial is also present in the smoker that helps the user monitor the work continuously.

3. Masterbuilt MB20050716 – Best Gas Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20050716 – Best Gas Smoker

This brand is famous because of its unique feature and innovative design. This can be used for beginners as it is easy to use and offers safety aspects that can save users in case of any miss happening. These smokers from Masterbuilt has special smoking tubes that provide smoke to the whole chamber evenly, helps cook food equally without the threat of burning or uncooked side of food. Professionally this model has shown satisfactory results and proved economical as its whole system is designed on energy-saving features.

This device is phenomenal even for those who are using it for the first time. It has made its name in the market due to its great design and upgrading ability. All of its models can be customized, that is one of the catchiest features of this brand. Most of the time it is sold in the market only due to its brand name. This device is like a mystery box, you can discover a lot and experiment with it, it is challenging even for experienced smokers who claim to know every fine detail of a smoker.

Masterbuilt can give a wonderful food experience regardless of the machine size you choose, it comes in 30 inches and 40inches, but the size doesn’t matter. It offers equal quality in all kinds of sizes. Smoked food cooked in this device is tender, tasty, and healthy. No side effects and this device is customer friendly too. Now you do not need to go outdoor for slow-smoked food, you can smoke meat in your room with zero fatigue.

It is completely automatic; you just have to push a button to start it working. It contains 700 inches square area too cooks. Apart from its electrical functioning and automatic environment this machine still proved classic and original southern style of smoking flavor that is admired by everyone around. This machine is easy to handle and operate, and it offers a temperature gauge that can control the temperature as you require. You can open and close its doors with the help of a handle that is cold and easy to touch.


  • Easy to use
  • Contains damper
  • Automatic
  • Affordable


  • Mobility is tricky

Overall, this device is simple to operate and offers classic southern taste due to which you can enjoy real smoked food within the room. This device contains a double door that is helpful. This device has a smoke controlling feature named as a damper with which you can evenly divide the amount of smoke in every chamber. Hence you will get tasty smoky food.

4. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24.” – Large Propane Smoker

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24.” – Large Propane Smoker

This camp smoker is small in size and easy to operate. Camp has made its name in the market due to its quality, compact design, and affordability. If you are a beginner and have a tight budget, then Camp Chef can be ideal for you. You can enjoy cooking with outdoor taste in your food. Easy to operate and can be used by anyone offering the same good taste. You do not have to go outdoors to get smoked food now; this machine has made life easier and simpler.

It comes with a thermometer that is present on the door, an ideal location, this helps you to monitor the temperature making it possible to supervise the cooking heat constantly. This machine comes with variety of features, you can’t compare its size with its efficiency. It is small in size but has a wide variety of features; it offers a large bracket of temperature that enables you to cook any kind of food. It can cook tough meat in a glance.

It can cook chicken, beef, and meat at slow and low heat making it tender and perfect to eat. This style of cooking locks the flavors into the food and prevents burning or disturbing the real taste. Not only cooking this machine is equally good to bake pies, cakes, cookies, or anything you want. The smoke providing nozzle can be closed while baking, these flexible options make it famous among cook and domestically as well.

As it is small in size so it comes with only two racks used for cooking. It has a water pan, a wooden tray that is easy to use while cooking or baking. The water tray helps produce steam that cooks food from deep inside. The tray is easy to clean as its base is made up of porcelain.


  • Porcelain tray
  • Burner drum
  • Thermostat
  • Water bath


  • Thermostat malfunctions

Concluding, this compact design simple looking smoke machine is perfect for domestic and commercial use both. It comes with a variety of features thermostats, a thermometer, a water bath, and a wooden tray. All of these aid cooking and helps make the taste better and enhanced. It is easy to clean as it has a porcelain base, this is a rare feature to find mostly in the smoker.

5. Broil King 923614 – Vertical Propane Smoker

Broil King 923614 – Vertical Propane Smoker

Broil King is different from other devices because of its size, compact design, and color variety. You can get a wide variety of sizes manufactured by Broil King, it is beautiful and most of the time sells only because of its brand name. Broil has worked hard to make its name in the market and has succeeded at a much extent. You can cook, bake, and even fry food items in its chambers; you do not need to close the door as it works well with open doors.

It has 4 cubic total cooking spaces that are enough to cook for more than one person at a time, it is perfect for commercial and domestic purposes as it gives quick delivery with perfectly cooked food. If you have planned to start a BBQ dinner then Broil King will do its wonders for you. It has 4 cooking racks that can be heated depending on need. This machine provides a classic smoked diet even in closed rooms.

To control the temperature and smoke production it contains a root draft damper technology. This machine is a little pricey due to these few fancy fittings that took this machine’s function to the whole new level. You can roast a full chicken in this machine as well, it has a roast grill. This machine has a thermometer named ACE temp thermometer that s responsible to cook tender meat, to hook the meat slices, designated hooks are also provided.


  • Double-walled machine
  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Damper


  • Pricey

Concluding, Broil King is one of the finest smoke machines on the list. Vertical angle offers greater space and more racks to cook. Equal smoke distribution and the presence of damper have made tasks easier. You will not get a better smoker than this one.

6. Pit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Pit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Pit Boss is a vertical propane gas smoker that is unique in style and one of its own kinds. You will not find a good device like this one in the market. The heating and cooking features it offers are rare to find in the market, its grills are non-stick and do not conducts heat keeping them cool while it operates as high as 200F. You can clean it with great ease as it contains a removable tray at the base that can be cleaned with plain water.

It has two valves and only one knob is provided to operate them. These valves help regulate the temperature between a good range of 100 to 400 Degree; at this wide temperature you can do deep cooking, frying apart from cooking, baking is also possible at these temperatures. It can be lighted easily, automatic ignition system is provided with the help of which you can switch on and off the flame, with zero chances of injury. All of its racks are non-stick with help of porcelain coating.

It has a glass door with which monitoring food time to time is convenient. The doors are heavy, sealed, and have a double-wall that stores heat and keeps the machine warm. Now you can enjoy a smoked meal in the comfort of your room, no need to put extra effort by installing a BBQ machine and working hard to make a BBQ. The food you make in it is tender, the contact temperature locks the flavor and you get finger-licking good food. It is long vertical and contains racks.


  • Affordable
  • It has dual burner
  • The adjustable temperature control knob
  • Fuel chamber
  • Glass window
  • Sealed doors


  • Self-assembling the unit is difficult

As my review shows Pit Boss Grill is one of its own kinds of smoking machines. It’s coated grills, multiple racks, and heat adjusting knobs makes cooking better and locks the flavors inside the food. It is compact in design with a glass window making supervision possible. You can move it with great ease as it has tires.

7. Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker

If you are a Smoke Hollow fan and like it functions but want a smaller model that you can store and move with great ease then Smoke Hollow 44 inches is the one for you. New in the market but with the same, in fact even better quality and features, the Smoke Hollow presents a compact, simple design but precise, efficient 38 inches smoke machine. It can offer a variety of food smoking, you can choose from the panel of options provided above. It offers a lot of space for food as it is broad, wide, and is a vertical smoke machine.

It has double doors that are designed in an innovative way. Containing 4 chambers, the door covers 2 chambers. You can monitor or take food form the required chamber without touching the other one, with this new feature your food remains hot, the entrapped heat does not release when you reportedly open the door. This helps keep food get continuous heat making well-cooked tender food.

It is simple to use a propane smoker. It has a hollow empty unit that you need to load with meat on hooks or any other meat you want to cook. Then the gas provides heat at uniform temperature, so you do not need to worry about the temperature while doing other chores. It has a thermostat that automatically supervises the working of the machine.


  • Simple to operate
  • Attains the required temperature instantly
  • Bigger space for cooking
  • Double doors provided


  • Wind can affect the unit function

The review shows that this new model is perfect for small spaces and travelers. It has a spate gas chamber with four racks making its functions real quick and efficient. It can work and tolerate all types of weather. It is better to keep the flame position towards the wind while cooking to keep the unit working.

8. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker

If you are on a tight budget and want a pocket-friendly yet efficient smoking machine then Cuisinart is perfect for you. It can make your back yard a perfect place to enjoy without making your hand dirty from coal and you getting drenched in sweat. It is an effect for meat lovers, it has a special chamber for cooking meat with hooks on the walls of the chamber where meat loafs can be hanged.

It is an affordable machine, with which you can enjoy all kind of food recipes, cuisines, etc. its chambers get equal heat from the nozzle as it has a button that controls the flame. A thermostat is provided to supervise the internal heat contains. It has a compact size with 5.5 square inches of cooking space where you can cook a lot of food at a time.

It is made up of high-quality unique steel. This steel is long-lasting, durable, and can entrap the heat to a much extent. You can attain a high temperature in the machine up to 450 Fahrenheit, and this can remain steady for as much long as you want. It contains a damper and a removable base.


  • Sturdy unit
  • Works at a higher temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Refilling is easy
  • Double doors


  • Heavy, difficult to move

As my review reveals a lot of positive aspects of this mighty machine, there is a downside to the machine as well. You will find it a little heavy which makes it difficult for you to move. Its damper, ray, and thermostats have made it a simple working machine. The gas chamber is large enough to operate for a longer period of time.

9. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

It has a similar design as the smokers listed above, but its function and features are new and unique. This unit manufactured by Char-Broil is in a vertical position making it much easier to operate and increases the cooking capacity. It has our number of racks that are porcelain coated that do not conduct heats. This keeps the rack cold and shifting dishes becomes an effortless task.

Other than the door it also has a drawer, pull-out drawer that provides access to the water pan of the device and to the wooden cooking pan. The cooking is made easier as the temperature can be regulated, as this drawer contains rotary ignition and one knob to control flame intensity. The smokers offers lot of cooking surface of 600 square inches and comes with chrome-plated cooking racks.

It works on a simple phenomenon; you get perfectly smoked chicken as the gas burns the wooden chips at the bottom making the smoke circulate in the chamber and locking the smoke flavor in the food. You can still enjoy classic professional smoked food if you are just a beginner.


  • Affordable
  • The larger cooking area provided
  • Economical device
  • Control knobs are installed


  • Self-assembly is difficult

Char-Broil is one of the finest smokers, with chrome-plated racks that are pricey but offer the best outputs. It has an adjustable steam damper that helps cook food and can be changed as required. It looks small and compact but offers a large area to work with.

10. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo is a frequent finding brand in the market. You must have noticed that four to five reviews here are on this brand. It has worked so hard that now their name has gained customers’ trust and most of the time buyers buy it only because of its good reputation in the market. I suggest Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP for domestic and commercial use.

This device is amazing because it gives challenges to the professional smoker machine user as well. It offers upgraded features that include chrome-plated racks, double doors, a vertical-shaped smoker a last but not the least a damper to control the amount of moist in the machine.

Dyna-Glo can give a wonderful food experience regardless of the machine size you choose, it comes in 40 inches and 45 inches. It offers equal quality in all kind of sizes. Smoked food cooked in this device is tender, tasty, and healthy. Now you do not need to go outdoor for slow-smoked food, it can be made in your room in this device effortlessly.


  • Affordable
  • Damper provided
  • Simple operation


  • Bulky

This is a perfect smoking machine; you will never regret spending money on it. It is one handy tool that you must have if you are a party person and wants to host back yard parties. Perfect for beginners as it is an automatic and easy to use smoker.

Buying Guide to Pick Best Propane Smoker 2021

Buying a propane smoker is indeed a difficult task that requires a lot of research and effort. It is an expensive device that scoops out a good chunk out of your pocket, so you have to select wisely. One should prefer a device that offers both quality and precision, because if any of the desired features are absent the output will be not good resulting in a disaster.

Propane smokers are much better than gas grills or pellet grills as these are neat and tidy, you do not need to dirty your hands with coal and put a lot of effort into turning on the flame. All these take-ups require a lot of time and are fatigue. Now you can enjoy your back yard party with easy to use propane smoker. Even if you are a beginner this machine won’t disappoint you.

Apart from being a perfect machine to buy there are a few of the most vital factors that you have to keep in mind before you invest in propane smokers, these factors will govern the working condition and output of your machine. This buying guide will help you and will let you channelize your requirements and get the perfect product.

Number of doors

Yes, it is an important factor when you buy a propane smoker. The double door machine has many advantages as mentioned below:

These points show that how much a double door can prove perfect or you. You will find a lot of single door propane smokers with low prices, but it better to invest initially to enjoy the outcomes. You can access the wood chips, without need to open the doors of the machine. You should make sure the location of the chips tray; it should be located separately with a pull out drawer.

Width of smoker machine

You can find two types of smokers in market:

While working with vertical smokers you will enjoy one advantage, it has greater space to cook food, better smoke distribution, and better heating ability. But if you plan to buy a horizontal one, keep in mind, it will not have multiple chambers as it will increase the coverage area a lot.

Most of the propane smokers mentioned here is intended to be used on domestic and small commercial levels, which do not have enough space to accommodate the big giant smoker machine. So I would recommend you to prefer a vertical smoker, especially if you intended to use it for your back yard parties.

Width is also important because the smoker should be large enough to accommodate your tray, most of the time, companies brag about the size, but in reality, your single plate also doesn’t fit into the machine. If you are ordering online then do consider the dimensions of the inner chamber.

Sealing and coating of the machine

You have to make sure the doors and sealed, locked, and are able to keep the heat and moisture entrapped while working. To seal a door, especially vacuumed plastic is used, you can observe that easily but ask about its details and dimensions. Most of the companies make the smokes with low quality.

The leaking gas chamber should be under your focus as well. Make sure the gas chamber provided has a double wall construction and is completely sealed, otherwise it can lead to a disaster. One of the most critical factors is these; now things are more comfortable for you to jot down. Ignoring these can lead to big disappointment.

Propane is a pocket-friendly gas; a little leakage is persistent even after choosing the best of all machines, then it’s ok. If it does not affect your wood you can ignore a little leakage of the gas.

These machines having double coating make sure their product is properly heated, and remain hot before they are dished out. Low quality and a single layer of steel can affect the whole quality and details of the machine. It will not work precisely and effectively.

Size of the smoker

If you have intention to buy a propane smoker for family parties and domestic use, then even the smaller machine will prove perfect for you. Small sized propane smoker is ideal for a small family and for an intimate get together.

But if you are a party person then a medium sized machine can handle 30 to 40 persons with great ease. Most of the time medium-sized has four racks; these help accommodate ten or more trays at a time in each rack. But if you want a commercial level smoker, then the large one can be perfect for you. As it can work un interruptedly for the whole day.


Remember that budget calculation is the prime thing to keep in mind before you buy a propane smoker. If you want to get the best smoker machine within your budget, then this article will be very useful to you. All you need is to give it a read and then you will be able to channelize which one is falling in the category of your requirement.

One pro tip never go for low budget machines as they offer a low-quality product with dummy features. If you have decided to buy a propane smoker prefer to buy the one with a reasonable price and the best features.


This review will prove really useful to you; all minor and major details are mentioned. We have searched far and wide to provide you legit and authentic information with not even a single ray of ambiguity.

If you ask me, here are the best picks for you. These are highly recommended smoker machines regarding quality, efficacy, and price

  • Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker: high quality, durability, and affordable.
  • Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker: easy to operate, double door, and upgrading is possible.
  • Broil King 923614 Vertical Propane Smoker: glass window door, dapper provided with thermostat on the door.

This article will prove useful to you, as a detailed review with a buying guide is provided to you. Now you can just sit back and relax and place an order. Do come back to let us know how our article proves useful to you.